— La Rencontre —

There was an almost bored look upon Josephine’s face as she stood upon the balcony; almost, for how dare she be bored at such a splendid event? She scoffed at the idea as she tapped away the ash from her cigarette with a delicate finger. It was quite easy really; the same faces strolled through the entryway wearing the same fanciful garb. All chattering away about the month’s scandalous gossip — that was the women of course. The men, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to gather in groups with hearty cigars to discuss business and profits, the status of their plantations and personal affairs or occasionally showing off each other’s wives. That’s what this was all about right? Discerning who was most successful and how the wealth was spread across the various families, what women were being courted by whom and when the next party would be thrown. Oh surely she was a fool for even thinking about boredom.

She heard tapping on the floorboard behind her; the sure steps and the sound of fabric moving about so familiar she knew they could only belong to one person. “Oh you could at least try to enjoy yourself dear…” Her mother’s voice rang out then as she came up behind her, small hands fitting to her sides before urging Josephine up into a straighter stance. “Marcel’s at the foot of the steps waiting to escort you down, do not keep him waiting for too long — at your age, you’re lucky he hasn’t started courting another… and if you’re foolish with him tonight he may begin to do just that.” Josephine bit her tongue to keep from retorting back, though she so dearly wanted to. What did she care if he found another, it wasn’t as though she was fond of him anyway. "Wi manman, Oh ki jan move ki ta ka…" That same listless tone was in her voice as she spoke, easily transitioning into the language of the savages, as her mother put it and she couldn’t help but smirk as she received that pointed look from her manman. 

Her mother departed shortly after, most likely to return to her place among the crowd ready to talk nonsense with the other mother’s seeking suitors for their daughters, leaving Josephine on the balcony where she took her time inhaling two more great puffs from her cigarette, laughing to herself as she recalled the papers now choosing to label this as a health hazard. ‘I think boredom ought to be investigated instead, i’m sure dying would come much quicker from that then this.’ She mused that to herself as she turned away from the people strolling in and put her cigarette out on one of the ashtrays, her movements kept at a leisurely pace as she readied herself to make her appearance, cream colored gloves readjusted as she fit that spectacular smile across her features before making her way down to her new fiance. ‘Oh what a grand evening it will be…’

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